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#17 - Personal Bodyguards

#17 - Personal Bodyguards

Bilyeu Group
Price: US $1,500 per day per guard

Rich people love personal body guards. While protection is a factor in the love affair that the rich have with personal protection, bodyguards are an important social accessory, akin to Bottega handbags, Tiffany key pendants and Patek Philippe watches. Any self respecting well-to-do socialite would be remiss to leave home without their favorite Bilyeu, Icon or Blackwater security professional. In fact, corporations spend millions to keep their CEOs and top executives out of harm’s way.

There are many security accessories that the rich must have; home security, armoured vehicles, hand guns, chauffeured vehicles, safe rooms, property guards, personal protection dogs, risk assessments and back-up power systems but none carry the exclusivity of personal body guards. There are many monikers that security personnel adopt to ensure that the wealthy feel their money is well spent, but as they say a rose by any name smells the same. There are VIP, executive, celebrity and personal bodyguards and each fulfills the same purpose; provide wealthy individuals the opportunity to become the centre of attention among their peers by nonchalantly mentioning the 6’5”, 235lb gent acting as their bodyguard.

Numerous choices exist for you to express your self-importance through the use of a well-dressed and a well-paid bully. You may opt for round-the-clock security to plan daily driving routes, pat down visitors and generally intimidate anyone that is granted the privilege to meet with you. Salaries start at roughly $75,000 per year and climb rapidly with experience and additional training. The other option is to hire services on an as-needed basis. While the per diem for these mercenaries is $1,500 it ensures that the novelty of your bone crushing sidekick is not lost on your social circle. Beware the perils of securing personal protection, Whitney Houston was never the same after her and Kevin Costner tasted the forbidden fruit of bodyguard romance!

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