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#10 - Foreign Words

#10 - Foreign Words

Summer French Lessons sur la Côte d’Azur
Price: $34,700.00

Rich people love foreign words. Often they don’t speak a second language and may not understand the words or phrases they are using. The reason to use foreign words is threefold. First, it identifies them as rich to other wealthy people in the vicinity…like wearing a name tag that says “Hello…I use private banking”. Second, foreign words establish rich people as intellectually superior to people without money. Third, it ensures that the lower classes don’t understand upper crust conversations.

Traditionally, French has been the language of choice to identify oneself as superior to the proletariat . This started with the French themselves who later shared it with Russian aristocrats as early as 1717. Don’t fret, enchanting a member of the privileged elite is easy if you know one simple guideline. Never use English if a foreign phrase will do.

Pretentiousness 101 starts with three basics epithets that you can integrate into everyday life. Never ask for a wine recommendation…instead ask to speak with the sommelier. Don’t say “I can’t put my finger on it”, instead she has a certain je ne sais quoi. It isn’t the French Riviera, but La Côte d’Azur. Finally, when someone enjoys life they exhibit a joie de vivre. Sprinkle these idioms into conversation while enjoying your amuse-bouche and you are well on your way to mingling with the rich and famous. Bonne chance!

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