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#12 - Private Libraries

#12 - Private Libraries

Kinsey Marable & Co.
Price: $7,300,000

Rich people love private libraries but this does not mean rich people love to read. A home with a private library says that you are cultured, you are educated and you have deep knowledge on a myriad of topics. It also says that you do not like to mingle with people in public libraries because they cannot afford to buy books. Presumably, Andrew Carnegie would be torn.

Building a private library is not to be taken lightly. Rich people commission library consultants to design and stock bookshelves with titles that reflect the owner’s interests and personality. Dealers like Kinsey Marable & Co will acquire scores of literary works, catalogue and furnish the space announcing to guests that you are a sophisticated individual with impeccable taste regardless of whether you ever crack the spine on a single acquisition in your home.

Finally, one simply must apply for membership with the Private Libraries Association based in the hamlet of Middlesex with satellite offices located in the USA, Canada and Australia. Members receive The Private Library quarterly, mailings relating to their areas of collecting interest and members may attend the Annual General Meeting held in London. Perhaps you will rub elbows with Oprah or other celebrities with private libraries of their own!

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