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#7 - Polo Tournament Patron

#7 - Polo Tournament Patron

Polo Tournament Patron
Price: $1,720,000

Stuff rich people love includes sports that the rest of the world does not pay attention to including aerobatics, shooting and polo. Most attractive to the wealthy is that the horse is central to the match and money can buy happiness and success. Imagine spending $1,000 on a basketball that guarantees you will jump higher and score more often. Polo has been a global pastime for more than a century with the Calcutta Polo Club breaking ground in 1862. Fortunately, finding common ground with the wealthy is as easy as a basic understanding of one of the fastest and surprisingly physical sports in the world.

To speak the language of polo you need to understand the basics of Polo. Each team on the field consists of 4 players and their horses. The object is to strike the ball through the posts at the opponent’s end line, the most goals wins. One match is typically 8 chukkas, or periods, which last 7 minutes each. What truly distinguishes this as stuff that rich people love…polo players typically switch horses after each chukka – that’s 8 horses per rider per game!

Furthermore, just as jockeys saddle up the thoroughbreds, the wealthy do not ride their ponies in matches. A patron (pronounced pah-trone) will hire a team of pros to compete in high goal tournaments at a cost of as much as $150,000 per pro for a weekend and provide the horses at a cost of more than $35,000 per horse. Is there a better way to spend $1.7M over a weekend at the club?

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