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#28 - Personalized Thank-You Notes

#28 - Personalized Thank-You Notes

Crane & Co Monogrammed Notes
Price: $600 per 100

Rich people take etiquette very seriously. The rich know that verbal recognition is simply not enough and therefore make every conceivable occasion an opportunity to send thank-you notes on custom stationary. While thank-you notes are certainly not the domain of the wealthy, the style and panache of personalized stationary denotes one’s attention to style more than a Hallmark card ever will. It is for this reason that stationers like Crane & Co suggests that a “thoughtfully worded note can make a powerful impression”. If you aren’t using personalized notes in business and your personal life, the refined and cultured class would suggest that you are either not wealthy, lack class, or both.

Don’t fret however, impressing your friends and networking with the rich is easy. There are five simple steps to writing thank-you notes for any event. Start by greeting the recipient; typically Dear will suffice although business colleagues may prefer only their name. Next express your thanks; it isn’t necessary to go overboard but sincere words about the gift or event are important. Third, saying something specific about why the gift was special or how you will use it will show that you have class and appreciate the thoughtfulness of your acquaintance. Use the next line as a means to extend an invitation to meet in the near future. A simple, “the watch is lovely and I will be sure to wear it next time we meet for dinner” will suffice. To close the note, repeat your thanks.

Sending thank-you notes will most certainly enhance you social standing. More impressive yet is the use of personalized stationary embossed with your initials or family name. These notes are almost always blank inside to enable a personalized note for any circumstance. While the thank-you note in concert with custom stationary is impressive and a trademark of the wealthy, tardiness will diminish the sincerity of your notes. As Emily Post said, “try not to let your thank-you note languish on the shelf of good intentions”. Start sending thank-you notes and your social circle will almost certainly grow.

PS. Post scripts are always read and can be a great place to leave a lasting impression!

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