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#40 - Second Marriages

#40 - Second Marriages

Second Marriages
Price: Half of Everything

Rich people love second marriages. It isn’t that they like to end the first one, but the fact remains that marriage is the leading cause of divorce. There isn’t necessarily anything wrong with the first husband or wife only that they remind each other of what it was like to be without money. The result, once a couple has banked their millions both parties feel it is time to trade up and move on. The woman looks for a man that doesn’t remind her of her ex-husband’s insecurities about success and a man looks for a trophy wife to make him feel younger.

Denial that *ahem* it is about to hit the fan is common. Some men compensate with a new Lamborghini or running groups while women collect Carlos Falchi handbags and Alexander McQueen dresses; both drink more. This is only a temporary solution before the house of marriage crumbles around them. Once either, or both, realizes the end is near they have to move fast. Its time to play “hide the assets” before calling in the sharks and sealing the fate of their ill-conceived union. The race is on to find the best, brightest and most ruthless team of legal eagles to claw and battle for every public asset that they haven’t shuffled to off-shore accounts. Everyone involved realizes there is more than enough money to last many generations, so it isn’t about the houses, the cars or the cash. It is about devaluing their ex and stripping them of their dignity and pride at every legal turn.

After the papers are signed, the second marriage is all about enjoying the life they think was flushed away during the first marriage. This means more travel, less work, more luxurious lifestyles, bigger homes, more soirees and alimony. They build new friendships and join different clubs to start their new life together. Everything is coming up roses. The danger is an addiction to the freshness and newness of nuptial promises and the honeymoon phase. Unfortunately, with all things new, the passion fades and the shine loses its lustre. If the relationship was built on mutual contempt for their exes and a healthy dose of Viagra, the marriage faces an untimely demise and this time you can’t try to keep it together for the kids!

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