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#14 - Patek Philippe Watches

#14 - Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe Ref. 5004G
Price: $241,000 

Rich people love luxury watches. Rich people know that anyone can afford a Rolex or a Cartier and that TAG Heuer makes an excellent holiday gift for the gardener. To ensure that you have something in common with rich people, conversational knowledge of Patek Philippe is required. Unbeknownst to the masses, most luxury watches are manual winding movements, a feature greatly appreciated by aficionados. Refer to a quartz crystal and you are sure to be identified as a bus-riding commoner who appreciates the hourly chime feature of your Timex more than Patek’s moon phase complication.

Some of the world’s most expensive watches to cross Sotheby’s auction desks, fetching more than $11 million, have been built by Patek; great news if you prefer a used timepiece. If shiny and new are more intriguing, choose from a catalog of 203 exquisite Patek Phillipe watches. The 5004G is a hallmark of virtuosity and the most complicated model in the Patek line of stopwatches. Features include perpetual calendar, 24-hour display, precision moon phase mechanism and an ingenious rattrapante device. Not surprisingly, the 5004G tracks day, month, date, leap years and is available in white gold, yellow gold, platinum or rose gold with white or black face.

Are the Bugatti payments delaying Patek ownership this quarter yet you still need to impress the wealthy? Infer ownership by speaking of the Patek Philippe Magazine published twice a year exclusively for owners. Offhandedly reference the Calatrava Cross adopted by Patek, formerly the emblem of brave Spanish Knights. Use the French term ‘bienfacture’ or know the story of Henry Graves Jr. With this knowledge in hand, you are en route to meeting a sugar daddy willing to adorn your wrist with Suisse chronographs.

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