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#9 - Bugatti Grand Touring Automobiles

#9 - Bugatti Grand Touring Automobiles

Veyron FBG Par Hermès
Price: $2,300,000

Rich people love Bugatti Veyron automobiles. These incredible machines make a Lamborghini look like a rusted out VW van that your daughter’s future ex-boyfriend drives. Bugattis are among the most exclusive cars that money can buy. Only 300 Veyron cars will be constructed and special models like the FBG Par Hermès are so elite that only 5 will be built.

Verse yourself on the finer details of  Bugatti and you will have plenty to discuss with your wealthy counterparts. All Bugatti Veyrons are hand assembled by eight craftsmen in a gorgeous Gunter Henn designed facility in Molsheim, Alsace over three weeks and many owners visit the factory to attain their newly-crafted luxury automobile. Technically, the cars are unrivalled. A maximum speed of 408.47km/h made possible by a 16 cylinder, 8L engine that generates 1,001 HP. As a comparison, Formula 1 racecars churn out 700-800 HP! More impressive than their raw power is acceleration from 0-100 km/h in 2.5 seconds and back to a standstill within 2.3 seconds. This is made possible by titanium, carbon, magnesium, and aluminum construction and three drive configurations to facilitate top speed.

Bugatti pampers their wealthy clients with a rich host of extras including GPS, Bluetooth, rear-view mirror LED display, a Burmester sound system, and an exclusive Bugatti PDA to track lap times, tire pressure, gas consumption and key telemetry data. The five select Veyron Hermès customers will also receive a bespoke suitcase designed to fit in the vehicle’s storage area.

Do not wait to arrange for your own, on March 10, 2009 the company announced that the 200th Bugatti Veyron left the factory for a customer in the Middle East. Coincidentally, it was the über exclusive FBG Hermès model. The owner joins the company of Simon Cowell, Tom Cruise, Ralph Lauren, Tim Cahill, Nigo and Thomas Bscher as rumored Bugatti Veyron owners. With this kind of success, Bugatti is unlikely to follow their parent company’s lead with a “Surprisingly Ordinary Prices” advertising campaign in the foreseeable future. Imagine that…”Das Car” is a Volkswagen!

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