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#42 - Being Right

#42 - Being Right

High School Debate Team
Price: Failed Friendships

Rich people love to be right. I don’t mean they like to get the right answer, I mean fighting tooth and nail to prove that the sky is green and the grass is blue. This stubborn, unyielding pugilism comes from years of people submitting to their opinions because the alternative is a ruined evening of incessant droning about something you don’t care about anyway. There are a lot of reasons for this, I know you can add to the list, so sit back and let’s have a look.

For as long as rich people can remember, someone has been coddling them, picking up after them and agreeing to do anything they say is important. Rich kids don’t have babysitters that can refuse an evening with a little monster, they have nannies that desperately need the job to send money home to Mexico or the Philippines. As such, nannies will do anything they are told, even by a four year old. I’m not saying this is right or wrong, only that the situation instills a belief by the child that they were bred to tell adults what is right. Fast-forward to boarding school where entire rooms of children have been raised in the same manner and rather than settle disagreements on the football field or at the bike racks, rich people engage in fiery, albeit pointless discussions about anything and everything that comes to mind. The problem is that they are trained to take either side of an argument which means they aren’t interested in the truth, only in battering each other into submission.

Look out once a rich person leaves the isolation of the classroom. A lifetime of mental gymnastics and unimpeded arrogance means that they spend the next decade proving to themselves and those around them that their ideas are superior despite lacking knowledge of the topics at hand; it’s like a kid from chess club arguing with the QB about what sex with cheerleaders is like. Rich people will discuss why they oppose Medicare, despise welfare and question why the poor are allowed to vote with an annoying air of superiority. They likely don’t agree with what they are saying but will staunchly defend it to the death in the event that anyone opposes their view. Ultimately, their self-professed sharp wit and sharper tongue stands in the way of developing lasting relationships as they push anyone with dissenting opinions away and sound like uninformed jackasses to everyone but themselves. Before you start, I know what you are going to say…you respectfully disagree! I figured as much!

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