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#5 - Baby Names

#5 - Baby Names

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Sometimes the best way to make friends with rich people starts with a decision your parents made while you were a wrinkled lump of joy that only they could find beautiful. Rich people have a lot to consider when it comes to choosing the moniker that will haunt the child for the rest of their time on the planet; does one choose a common theme for a generation or select names that are obtusely obscure?

On themes, rich people will not stoop to naming children with something as banal as common first letters for their offspring like Mark, Martha, Mary and Matthew; this is indicative of parents getting stuck on a single page in the big book of baby names not a well-to-do upbringing. Themes are more personal; luxury car brands like Porsche and Mercedes, America’s Cup sailing champions such as Ranger and Madeleine or Petrus and Margaux after fine wines are excellent choices for the newly birthed rich.

The more obtuse and obscure the better when helping identify children blessed with superior bloodlines. These include Chancey, Alistair, Precious, Laird and Cornelius. If you have not been blessed with an extraordinary name, follow the lead of the new rich and start building your legacy with liberal use of initials. This has served George W., John D. Rockefeller, Stuart A. Miller and Frank T. MacInnis to name a few.

Of course, stuff rich people love when it comes to names for their precocious youth are the same names that their best friends may bestow upon their high brow pets. Proceed with caution!

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