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#1 - Armoured Vehicles

#1 - Armoured Vehicles

Knight XV by Conquest Vehicles
Price: US $310,000

Armored vehicles are why I decided to start blogging…they are extravagant by every measure. Ignoring whether I actually believe that someone needs this kind of protection, I am amazed by the sheer size and price. I mean, for $310,000 you could probably buy off anyone that really wanted to hurt you! The Knight XV from Conquest Vehicles is somewhere between a tank and luxury bus but only 100 are being manufactured so don’t delay! The specs on this baby are impressive…GVWR of 17,000lbs, curb weight of 12,000lbs (by comparison an Escalade is only 5,700lbs), V10 6.8L engine, 100″ tall (that’s 8′ 4″) with a length of 240″ or a full 20′ long. Take a look at their photo gallery to get an idea of how big it is…it makes a hummer look like a Tonka toy! Next time you park next to your neighbour’s new Lamborghini at the country club you can be sure his manhood will whither.

The question that armoured vehicles raise is, are you safer in this behemoth with all the attention that it attracts with its opaque armour and optional two-way P/A intercom system? I mean, I understand armoured vehicles for the military, police and other professionals that are in the line of fire but they likely aren’t outfitting their vehicle with first class aircraft sleeper seating, flat panel TVs, cigar humidors or a refreshment bar.

But I digress, this really is about how the ultra-rich spend their money. Clearly a need for safety makes armoured vehicles a viable line of business for companies like Conquest Vehicles, Inkas Armoured and Stoof.  Don’t get me wring, I understand how important personal safety is; in Ironman…even the US military couldn’t protect Tony Stark! Next time you are wondering how to dispose of $310,000 look no further than a vehicle that also keeps the environment in mind by utilizing a flex-fuel option which enables consumption of up to 85% ethanol…a diesel engine is available if you plan to do a lot of river crossings. One more thing, don’t forget the optional ‘under vehicle magnetic attachment detector’…even a Blackwater operative would think twice about working in such desperate conditions!

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