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La Prairie Skin Cream

#20 - La Prairie Skin Cream

Cellular Cream Platinum Rare
Price: US $1,000 per 1.7oz

Rich people love expensive skin cream. To be more accurate, rich people love to believe that they can appear forever young, glamorous and beautiful; all the reasons that their sugar daddy or sugar momma agreed to slip a Harry Winston ring on their gold digging finger in the first place. While not all eternal unions are based on such superficiality, the fact remains that stores like Neiman Markus can hardly keep their gleaming cabinets of youthful elixirs fully stocked.

How can this help you to ingratiate yourself with the wealthy? In a word, a thinly veiled compliment will do wonders for your social standing while exposing your connection with the finer things in life. Example…”My goodness you look exceptional, I play polo with a chap at La Prairie. I will have him call your Vertu, you must promise to act as their spokes model!” While this may seem grossly transparent, you are not clinging to yesteryear wishing you could turn back the sands of time a thousand dollars at a time.

If pressed, you must understand two things; Polo tournaments and skin cream. La Prairie is renowned for their luxurious skin treatment products. The crown jewel of their product line is ‘cellular cream platinum rare’ available in 1.7oz or 1oz sizes. In their own words this is “precious skin care for the privileged few”. Infused with platinum, valued at over $1,200 per oz, this precious metal bonds with the skin and synergizes with other ingredients to recharge your skin. Platinum protects the DNA and continuously replenishes moisture. A word to the wise…do not mention that in 2006, 130 tonnes of Platinum were used in automobile catalytic converters for emissions control…shhh it is for keeping the Earth beautiful too.

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