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#13 - Private Jets

#13 - Private Jets

Gulfstream G550
Price: $51,900,000

There comes a point in every rich person’s life when having a personal assistant book airline tickets, waiting in the Emirates lounge, sampling vintages in the Grand Cru at the Dubai Airport and flying first class becomes tiresome. It is time to visit Gulfstream in Madison, Connecticut, 2003 winners of the Robert J. Collier award for outstanding innovation in aeronautics in America. A private jet is convenient and damned civilized; if you have the means, I highly recommend it.

Gulfstream manufactures seven models with the Gulfstream G650 scheduled for release in 2012. For now, the G550 is the most exclusive jet available to billionaires. With a range of 6,760 nautical miles and cruising altitude of 41,000 ft no destination is too far. Such range dictates that comfort is top-of-mind for the wealthy jet set. The G550 will accommodate 18 passengers with 7 berthing seats and is available in any custom configuration one desires. Should owners require Phillipe Starck fixtures, elephant skin seats, Malmaison flatware, persian carpets or Louis XIV desks…the designers at Gulfstream will bring your dreams to life.

To combat effects of jetlag, the cabin is pressurized to 6,000 ft and 100% fresh air is pumped throughout the plane while you watch DVDs on built-in LCD televisions and enjoy hot food on exquisite china. Advanced soundproofing and signature oval windows keep noise levels low while the jet cruises at up to Mach 0.87 or 926 km/h. This powerful thrust is provided by Rolls-Royce engines which have helped the Gulfstream G550 break 39 (and counting) city pair speed records including West Hampton to Beijing and Honolulu to Higüey. Interestingly, while this jet is well suited for international flights, the espresso machine is optional.

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